Parish of St. George

Location: 11305– 95A Street, Edmonton. The old church was bought from Polish Roman Catholics in 1955. Soon after a church residence was acquired. The first parish council members as of April 2, 1955 were: P. Pylypiuk (president), I. Prokop (secretary), V. Groch (treasurer), I. Serafyn (maintenance provider). Originally there were 267 families. In the early years, the Parish provided a kindergarten under the leadership of Mrs. Stephania Tarnawska, wife of the pastor. From 1958 there was “Ridna Shkola”, a Ukrainian language school held on Saturdays.


Two men from the parish were ordained as priests for the Eparchy: Fr. Myron Martynkiw, August 10, 1966 and Fr. Myron Pyszcz, August 4, 1985.


In October 1980 the church fell victim to an arsonist. To commemorate the Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine the parish decided to build a new church, based on the design of the Church of St. Basil in Ovruch (Ukraine) from 1142, incorporating some elements from the 12th century such as round towers on the west facade. In keeping with a tradition that goes back to the Old Testament, the church was built with the altar facing east. This architecture facilitated a very traditional iconography in the interior. Heiko Schlieper was commissioned to paint the icons.


Priests who served the Parish were Fr. Paul Hradiuk (1955-1957); Fr. Volodymyr Tarnawsky (1956-1997), Fr. Euhen Kaminsky (Ass't priest, 1957-1997; pastor, 1997-2000), Fr. Anton Tarasenko (2000- ), Fr. Vasyl Nykyforuk (Ass’t priest, 2000-2001) and Fr. Ivan Nykyforuk (Ass’t priest, 2003-2004).